Use Epay USD-Indian Rupee payment gateway to solve the requirement of Indian Rupee payout

There are many types of online platforms that require a stable and fast channel for paying out foreign currencies to their employer/users for salary or commissions from different countries. For example, the popular live broadcast platforms, game platforms, education platforms, as well as certain labor dispatch companies, remittance companies, etc., Only a good multi-currency pay-out channel can expand the user base and increase platform revenue.

Epay ( supports multiple currencies payout, including the Singapore dollar, Indonesian rupiah, Malaysian ringgit, Nepalese rupiah, US dollar, Russian ruble, and so on. The newly launched USD(T)-INR payout gateway can help merchants who need an Indian rupee payment to realize automatic payment.

The USD(T)-INR payment gateway requires the merchant to register an Epay corporate account, and then deposit a certain amount of USDT or U.S. dollars to their Epay account to ensure there are sufficient amounts when payout to employers or users.

The interface is free to access, and one-time access can be used permanently, and the processing speed can reach thousands of payments per second. You only need to provide basic information such as the payee’s name, bank account information, and some basic information. Orders can be processed anytime.

What kind of platforms is suitable for the USD(T)-INR payment gateway? In short, all platforms with Indian rupee payout requirements can be. Everyone knows that live broadcast platforms have streamers from all over the world. When Indian streamers get a good income on the platform, they often need to transfer the money to their bank accounts. At this time, if this live broadcast platform has access to the Epay USD(T)-INR payout interface, it is very easy to solve.

A good payment channel can often bring more users to the platform. Epay’s multi-currency payment gateway can solve most payout requirements for merchants, which is safe and efficient.

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