The Brazilian Real payment Gateway is online, A sales volume explosive increasing opportunity is coming!

In addition to the product itself, a good and suitable payment method often plays a key role in the sales volume of an online shop. For example, if your shop has Brazilian-oriented customers, but you only support U.S. dollar payments, then many Brazilian customers will abandon their shopping carts and choose other online stores that support Brazilian Real payments. The overall profit is greatly decreased.

If your store just needs the Brazilian real payment method at this time, then you have come to the right place. Epay’s newly launched Brazilian real payment gateway can solve your urgent needs.

A merchant needs to register and verify an Epay corporate account. We use Brazil’s local bank account to help you collect money, and customers can easily complete the payment directly through the bank account on the order page. After the money arrives, it will be automatically converted into U.S. dollars to your Epay account. When it reaches a certain amount, you can withdraw it to your bank account.

The collection gateway interface can be accessed for free, and one-time access can be used forever. You will be charged a very small fee only when withdrawing USD to your bank account. In addition to Brazilian reals, the payment gateway also has other payment currency, such as US dollars, Euros, etc.

A good payment channel can often bring more users and orders to your online shop. Epay’s multi-currency payment gateway can solve most of your needs, which is safe and efficient.

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