How to transfer money to Australia with a high exchange rate

You may already know how to transfer money back to Australia in many different ways from the Internet.

For example,

  1. One of the easiest and fastest money transfer services is TransferWise.
  2. Popular with expats based in Australia, TorFX has a local office with excellent over the phone service and gives better exchange rates for larger amounts.
  3. OFX is ideal for both personal and business transfers. Fees and exchange rates vary depending on what currency and how much you are sending back to Australia.

and so on. But before making a decision, you’d better know more about Epay, who can indeed provide you with the best exchange rate and transfer fee when sending money to Australia.

In an overseas money transfer, the most important thing you should care about is the exchange rate, not the transfer fee. If you lose too much in the exchange rate, you’ve already cost a lot.

After comparing the exchange rate with all different money transfer providers, you will find Epay is the one that offers a mid-market real-time exchange rate.

How to use Epay to transfer money to Australia

  1. Register an Epay account
  2. Upload your Identity information to verify your account.
  3. Enter your payment bank account information
  4. Transfer money to send Australia bank account

Register here and start to experience the best exchange rate to send money to Australia.

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