How to send money to Brazil

The best way to send money to Brazil will almost always be by using a money transfer operator that supports transfers from your sending country. Money transfer operators not only have lower rates and more competitive exchange rates than banks but also offer a number of different payment and delivery options.

In Brazil, it estimated that around 45 million people are unbanked. This amounts to nearly one-third of the adult population without access to banking services, including money transfers via a bank account. When sending money to Brazil, therefore, this needs to be a key consideration when choosing the best service for you. A few other factors that may affect your choice include:

The total cost of your transfer

  1. How long it will take for your recipient to receive the funds
  2. What payment options are available to you (bank transfer vs card payment, for example)
  3. How your funds can be delivered to your recipient (is a cash delivery, bank transfer, or transfer to mobile wallet an option?)

Ultimately, the best way to send money to Brazil depends on the individual circumstances of your transfer: there is no one-size-fits-all answer.

A better way to send money to Brazil

Epay is one of the best ways to send money to Brazil with a fast transfer speed and cheap fees. Here is a quick guide on how to send money to friends, family, or business partners who need Brazil Real.

How to send money to Brazil with Epay

Epay makes it quick and easy to transfer money to a Brazilian bank account. Here are the steps you can follow in order to do that:

  1. Register an Epay account and login with a computer or app
  2. Deposit your payment currency to Epay
  3. Make a withdrawal order. Select BRL as the withdrawal currency

The good news is that Epay will launch the cash pick-up service again thanks to the COVID-19 situation getting better. so If the receiver doesn’t have a bank account, you can choose BRL cash-pickup.

Speed and cost are the 2 important factors to consider before making a money transfer. Epay is a better way because we can meet the 2 requirements at the same time because no third-party bank involved reduces time and cost.