Epay payment gateway, a good helper for live streaming and game platforms to fix multi-currency payment issue

In addition to providing individuals with secure, fast, and favorable global remittance services, Epay is also a good helper for overseas live streaming and gaming to pay different currency to their steamers.

Streamers come from all over the world. How to transfer the income from the platform to their local bank account is the primary problem for these platforms, so as to attract more streamers and bring more views.

Epay payment gateway has more than 30 currencies that can help platforms to solve payment issues efficiently. and it has been perfectly verified on multiple platforms so far. Currently, U.S dollars(Ukraine), Russian rupee, Philippine peso, Vietnamese dong, Brazilian real, and Indian rupee are the most popular currencies for live streaming and gaming platforms.

Epay payment gateway has two modes to access, and the platform can select according to your needs:

1. API mode. Epay can customize the payment gateway according to your needs.

2. Manual mode. Like the API mode, the merchant must have enough balance in the Epay wallet. The difference is that in the manual mode, each streamer on the platform must register for an Epay account. The platform transfers US dollars to the streamer’s Epay account and streamers withdraw funds by themselves.

All the payment is done through a local bank account, which can arrive on the same day, and the fee is relatively cheap.

Now, Epay has also launched an INVITATION BONUS activity facing all users. That is to say, anyone who successfully invites overseas live-streaming and game platforms to access Epay multi-currency payment gateway can get a commission of USD 0.1 per successful transaction. Each platform has thousands of streamers, every time they make a withdrawal you can earn 0.1 USD, which is not a small amount. Hurry up and invite them now!

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