Epay,an exclusive way for overseas Chinese to send money back home

Great news for overseas Chinese friends! Epay.com has opened an exclusive RMB remittance service for 600,000 overseas Chinese to send money back to China safely and conveniently during the COVID-19 pandemic. The service covers 30 hot countries including the United States, Singapore, Japan, South Korea, Brazil, and Australia.

Through the cross-border remittance service provided by Epay, overseas Chinese friends can send money to family and friends in China without going to the bank counter. With a smartphone or computer only, you can complete a cross-border remittance at home. The process is simple and fast, and it supports 124 domestic bank cards to receive funds.

At the same time, Epay also actively responded to the call of the World Bank, actively reducing remittance costs, optimizing remittance operations, and the speed of payment to help developing countries with the difficulties and challenges caused by Covid-19. By using Epay service, you can not only protect your personal safety but also enjoy the ease and comfort brought by the simple remittance process.

Epay knows that remitters pay more attention to security and speed than the transfer fee. Coupled with the growing financial technology and the in-depth cooperation with domestic banks and local banks in various countries, Epay makes the long transfer time less than 2 hours, and the fee is only xx US dollars per transaction, truly making remittances worry-free.

If you are looking for a faster, cheaper, and safer way to send money back to China, download the “Epay wallet” APP now, or log in to the Epay official website to experience a different remittance method.

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