Bank, Western Union, and Epay, what is the best Ways to Transfer Money to Russia

If you want to move to Russia or need to transfer money to Russia for some reason, you might be puzzled with the different ways to transfer methods that are accessible in the market. That is why you might be thinking about where one can go to transfer their money, how much it would cost, and what is the best method to transfer money internationally.

If you are confused with all these questions, then you are at the right place as this article will help you with the relevant details on the best way to transfer money to Russia. This will provide you the details of what are the important parameters for money transfer and ways to send money, and much more.

Now, I am going to share my experiences to send money to Russia in 3 ways.

  • Wire transfer

The first thing I have to say is that for small amounts of money, a bank wire transfer is the worst method since the fees charged by the banks (from both the issuing bank and the receiving bank in Russia) are usually very high. For this reason, I have stopped using bank transfers for sending money to Russia for many years, since these are very expensive and slow.

  • Western Union

Well, sending money to Russia through Western Union has different fees depending on what payment and receiving methods you choose. but it always applies to a good exchange rate. Sending $1000 to Russia by credit card cost me $29.99.

  • Epay

Recently, Epay has become my top choice for sending money to Russia for several reasons. Epay is an online payment company that provides secure, fast, and low-cost overseas money transfer services.They support both cash pick-up and bank transfer. But due to the COVID-19 pandemic, the cash pick-up service is currently stopped.

Sending money to Russia with Epay is convenient, fast, and cheap. All steps are completed online. You will be astonished at the super-fast transfer speed if I am telling you that the funds can be received within minutes! Yes, this is the truth. and Epay insists on providing users with the best exchange rates and fees. Sending $1000 to Russia took me $16, I think it is kind of reasonable.

All in all, as far as I am concerned, the Bank is not a wise option to send money to Russia anymore. Western Union is good if you accept the expensive transfer fee. I pick up Epay because of its fast speed and favorable fee.

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